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Theme manifest file

General information

Every theme has to have manifest file name theme.yaml. This file is used by Playnite for several things including loading the theme and theme will not be usable in Playnite if manifest file is missing. The file should be in theme's root directory.

Available fields

Field Description
Id Unique string identifier for the theme. Must not be shared with any other theme.
Name Theme's name that will be displayed during installation and on theme selection dialogs.
Author Name of theme's author.
Version Extension version, must be a valid .NET version string.
Mode Specifies whether the theme is for Desktop of Fullscreen mode.
ThemeApiVersion Theme API version required for theme to work.
Links Optional list of links (extension website, changelog etc.)

Fields Mode and ThemeApiVersion are automatically generated and shouldn't be changed by hand, unless you are updating the theme to support newer versions of Playnite.